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The past weeks have changed us. Being at home so much, we’ve had time to focus on things old and new – and on ourselves.

We’ve noticed what is missing from our everyday life and what is really important to us personally. Instead of big excursions, we’ve explored the park around the corner and our own neighbourhood, rediscovering old haunts and appreciating them anew. During this time, our home has taken on a new signifi cance, as our workplace, gym, restaurant and safe place. We’ve cooked, read and had a good clear-out, and in the process come across lots of old possessions. Many of us have had a good look through the wardrobe and the underwear drawer and pondered: what can I get rid of, what is missing, what are my favourites?

In its almost 140 year history ANITA has created many bestsellers, favourites that women just can’t do without.

Comfortable underwear that fi ts easily and is a part of everyday life. We have had some of these pieces in our range for more than 20 years and have reinterpreted them over and again in different colours and designs. We would like to share our own favourites, in places that we have rediscovered – right on our doorstep in the Upper Bavarian countryside.

Now you too can rediscover our dependable bestsellers – RELOVEANITA.