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Global Image Search Guide

For a global search for pictures based on the article number, the Global Image Search in the B2B area can be used via the search field Login-Bereich durchsuchen.


Enter the desired article number, e.g. 5527, in the search field Login-Bereich durchsuchen and start the search by pressing the Enter key (a short overview of available picture material is displayed when entering).


For further image searches simply use the corresponding article number in the search field instead of the previous searches.


The result of the global image search in the B2B area can be limited by adding the desired color number, e.g. 5527_416, in the example after images with the color Python.


For the search for exempt images, the result list can be narrowed down again by adding the abbreviation FS e.g. 5527_416_FS (FS = cut out).


When finally selecting the desired images for download, please make sure that RGB images are only used for the online area (e.g. website, social media, newsletter, advertising banners), while CMYK images are only used for the print area (e.g. advertisements in magazines, printing of flyers or brochures, posters, POS displays).