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Instruction quick search & order

You get to the start page of the B2B shop via the main menu point ‚shop’. In the left hand corner you will find the quick search. It serves to directly look for articles. For that reason you can only add article numbers there.

The search (for example for the sports-bra momentum 5529) leads directly to the article overview, which shows the required sports-bra in the available colours.

The click on the article name leads to the order mask with all available colours. In case you just want to order one certain colour, you can reduce the mask to just that one colour by clicking on colour name.

In the article view you can now find a short, describing text and pictures in all colours of the article. You can hide the pictures to make the use of a small screen easier. To do that, just click on the left hand side of the red bar.

To reverse that action, you just need to click on the arrow that appears in the bar on the right hand side.

In the B2B area you have in many areas the possibility to show/hide items.

We have created a few changes in the order form. For reasons of simplicity we are not showing the lines with the availability display in the size chart any more.

You can show/hide them by clicking the link ‚show availability‘ though.

The first line is showing you the current availability in our central warehouse. The second line informs you about the expected date of delivery (week number) into our warehouse to balance the stock.

For an easy orientation we have created a new system with colour codes in the order mask. It follows a very simple system to tell at a glance if there are supply shortages in certain sizes or combinations or if there is a probability that shortages will occur.

Note:  ‚White‘ means, that you can simply place a normal order. Just in case you need a large amount of one cup/size combination, you should check the availability to be safe.

As follows a detailed example of an article with a very different stock:

To find out the remaining quantity (yellow) or to find out the time of delivery of articles which are currently unavailable (red), it is sufficient to click on the appropriate field:

A small information box will appear which contains the following details:

Yellow/little stock:

Remaining quantity in stock and estimated time of delivery for further pieces

Red/ not available at the moment:

Estimated time of delivery for new stock

If you want to place an order, just put – as in the past – the requested amount into the input field. To move the articles to the shopping basket, click the button ‘put into the shopping basket’.

A confirmation page with a summary of the articles that you have just put into the shopping basket will appear.

A small red circle on top of the shopping basket menu in the right hand corner is showing you now that there are articles in the shopping basket and informs about the number of articles. You can continue to purchase or send your order to us.

An important novelty:

Unlike our old system, the filled shopping basket will now be saved. That means that even if your internet connection crashes or you log out, the shopping basket will again be available for you when you next visit the shop.

To place the order please click on the shopping basket symbol in the right hand corner. You are now getting directly to the order overview with all information to the articles that have already been placed in the shopping basket.

There you have again the opportunity to change the number of your required articles and to update your shopping basket. By clicking on ‚empty shopping basket‘ you can delete all articles. To place your order please use the button ‚place the order‘.

The new order mask contains two areas:

  1. The order information – here in the active left tab ‚order‘
  2. An input option for the order number incl. order text in the right tab ‚customer order number‘

With a simple mouse click you can switch between the above tabs.

A click on ‚place the order‘ transfers your order directly to our system.

Afterwards you are getting again a summary of the placed orders and your shopping basket will be empty. The order is herewith completed. The ‚internet reference number’ helps to get an exact allocation.